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教育路 專家分享
By 趙榮德 on 10 Feb 2021


喇沙小學Photo from 喇沙小學


1/ 拔萃女小學(DGJS)
Tell me something about yourself / your grandpa and grandma.

2/ 嘉諾撒聖心學校(私立部)(shcsps)
Talk about your family.

3/ 拔萃男小學(DBJS)
Why do you like to play lego / jigsaw puzzles?

4/ 聖保羅男女中學附屬小學(SPCCPS)
Do you like reading?Which book do you like?

If you have a lot of money, which country would you go?

interviewPhoto from MamiDaily


那麼,小朋友遇到以上問 「tell me」、「talk about」、「why」、「do you like」及「if」的題目又應怎樣應對?以下為本人的幾個建議:

先談「tell me」和「talk about」。這兩種問題同樣要求比較簡單直接的答案(simple and direct)。問你 grandpa and grandma,你便答:
My grandpa is 72 years old, my grandma is 70. They are very good to me. They take me to school every day. They buy me gifts especially ice cream. I like ice cream. I love my grandparents very much.

至於「why」的問題,我們便要清楚列出原因,最好用1,2,3來列出。例如問你 why do you like to play with lego?你可以答:
I like to play with lego because : First, I can make everything I like with lego, for example, a car. Second, I make it faster than other toys. And third, I like to play with colorful bricks 或者 I can play it with my friends.

interviewPhoto from MamiDaily

第三種題目是「if」。這種題目要求比較高,因為這種題目要考小朋友的英文表達能力和幻想力。例如問你:If you have a lot of money, which country would you go?

If I have a lot of money, I would go to Japan. It is because I have never been there before and I could buy a lot of toys and it’s the best sushi there.


1/ 用簡單句式作答
例如:多用subject、verb、object (S.O.V)句式,例如:I love my grandparents very much, I like ice cream.

2/ 發音正確
例如 name 應讀 naim,不是Naim,sugar 應讀 shu gar,不是sugar,televison 應讀 televizhion,不是televi唇。

3/ 識執生
例如: Do you know how to play violin?
Sorry, I don’t. But I know how to play piano. I can tell you more about playing piano.

4/ 有禮貌
例如:見考官,要稱呼 Good afternoon「Sir」、「Miss」、「Headmaster」、「Headmistress」,做錯了要「Say sorry」,聽不清楚要說「I beg your pardon, sir, could you repeat the question?」離開前要多謝校長說「Thank you very much for your time. Goodbye Sir / Headmaster!」



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